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  • Equality forever for everyone

    I just want everyone to be treated fair. As a result I am passionate about culture and everything that culture can be in a persons life.

    This is the reason I do not see myself as being White. It is because U am more diversified than that.

    I have schizophrenia, and that caused me not to be able to tell what was really happening when I was watching documentaries about the 1960s during the late 80s then and not in the 1960s.

    Now, I am on meds that work, and my world is becoming more and to me integrated. As a result we could go to a baseball game and just have fun watching because I know that baseball will never be segregated again in my lifetime, and therefore, I am not as afraid as I was when I was a teen hearing voices and getting worse and worse because I was not telling anyone that I was hearing voices.

  • It is about honesty.

    I just want to get my girl freak on. This means I have to live and work in the hood with all my homeboys and girls and just live my life in the hood. It would mean so much to me to impact for the better the areas lacking the prestige and working to give hope to those children living in those communities that are being devastated by poverty so I show who I am.

  • I think men with abald head . . . I just think that men with a bald head are so sexy.
  • I just want rto be a bikerchick I am a girl now guys, and I just want to be a biker's chick. That means I want to ride on the back of a bike, DUDE.
  • I am loking for . . .

    I am looking for man that is not so nosy that he continualy is asking that I allow him the opportunity to be the meet in a sandwich so he can take part in a threesome and is willing to giv me my right to privacy knowing that he is my and know that I do not want hm to have another woman besides me, but he can have as many men partners as he want so long he agrees to have sex with them using a condom.

    I am also looking for a bestie.

  • I need someone strong to love me.
  • Do not ask me to move back to Texas I am committed to living in this state because I hate Texas.
  • There is nothing like a cold coffee. That is with milk and lots of crushed is. So, fating. So, good.
  • I want to go back to school. I want to go back to school once I deal with my student loan issues, and I wt to go back to UTA.
  • I love me some Scuby-snacks. They are so cute, cuddly, and fun. I also like others, but the dogs are the cutest things when they talk and act scared on TV.
  • I love my computer. Can't get off. I am addicted.
  • I love cubs. I thank I could help a young man be himself, but I do not want to have a child.
  • I think it is so romantic if a man dances with me. I would like to meet a man that either wants to learn or already knows how to do the Argentinian Tango. I would also like to learn Country Line Dancing, and how to do the the Two Step and the all kinds of Walt since that was the original holding hands form of dancing witch was considered unthinkable before it was considered just a little risky.
  • I am a conservitive progesive, but I am a Democrat

    There is a basic difference in my opinion on the government's power to tax than there is by most other Americans.

    That is, I believe if someone can hide moneys from the government than the tax is an unreasonable tax and should be abandoned because it is a clear violation of the well established right to privacy and the Fifth Amendment right to refuse to tell the government whether or not one is breathing.

    The again, I am for the power to tax in anyway the government can send you a bill or you pay at the point of sale or if you own a business that is taxable as a corporation where the law allows courts to subpoena at the courts digression cancelled checks so that those entities and the shareholders that own them can be billed for the taxes they owe by the government as this is a sign of gains and profits which used to be the only basis the federal government could tax.

    So, that is what I support, and that is the reasons why.

    Then again, I support a woman's right to choose, separation of church and state, all the civil rights acts to enable African-American to have their rights respected, equal pay for equal work, GLBT rights, and the ability of the poor, the elderly, and the disabled to receive welfare.

    I would just pay for it differently than it currently is being paid for as it is important to show these people we care about their right to live and own property.

    Because I know my opinions are controversial, I urge you to check out the full version of the film entitled "America: Freedom to Fascism," via the website commonly known as YouTube, for which the only problem I find with it's presentation of the facts that support my version of what is means to be a true American Conservative is that it was the communist ideology that first supported a graduated personal income tax, and the Sixteenth Amendment was ratified to alleviate the need for an alcohol tax to allow politicians to support the prohibition of alcohol which led to the same problems once prohibition began with the ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment as we have with harder drugs today, and that is there is clear evidence that prohibition of prostitution and drugs leads to more jobs, more profitable business opportunities in the market that is created, and higher risks for those that partake of these forbidden fruit, and I got my information all from a sixteen week long course which is a regular semester at a major university in Texas which is apart of the University of Texas System known to everyone in the area and in the whole state as UTA in a class on social economics that thought us that all markets come in existence by artificial means via legal acts, and that includes ones that are treated as an illegal activity.

    I want to now conclude with an oath all Americans have taken either through the nature of our birth or before a judge in a federal court somewhere, and that is, "I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United Sates of America against all economies foreign and domestic."

    So, what do we call this sacred oath?

    It is called the "Oath of Citizenship," and it is the oath taken by every member of Congress and every police agency in the United States including state and county, and city police officials, but the states add words about their laws.

    Then the state oath is also the "Oath of Office" for all politician in the states and the politicians in their state's subdivisions for the offices in that subdivision.

    I know this, because I was a Democratic precinct chair or captain, and I had to sign a document that had this version on it and have it notarized by a public notary to run in my little precinct in Irving, Texas.

    Now, isn't that what a conservation progressive should be construed to be in the USA in stead of the soft fascist; soft communist or that soft communist; socialist potions of or two major parties and the media?

  • It is all under control.

    I have chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia as a major disability. I also have Cerebral Palsy, but I have them all under control.

    Not to machine my income is beginning to wise, and that is because I am stable in every way and that is a result of the fact that I always take my meds.

    I also plan to die a millionaire, and I am going to be able to complete my transitions into being a woman.

    Because I want to keep my business interest separate, I am looking for a man that is willing to sign a prenuptial agreement, and I will not consider it any other way because I know I can be ad am a self made woman who does not need anyone's else money.

  • I love clothes. Doesn't every woman like clothes? I know I do.
  • What's for dinner. If it is food, I will eat it, and that is why love Thanksgiving.
  • I wish life was just like the movies, but it isn't all that great on he Starship we call Earth because no Earth to many people on the star feet, and it Never-land, USA.
  • I am not rich Being blessed does not make you rich.
  • Dry. I love to see people tell clubs doing stand up.
  • As long as the fruit stays in the fridge. As long as the craziness stays in its place because I do not do drama.
  • I don't like having diaria.

    It has become to messy to eat Elmer's Glue now.

    Why would anyone like that in that in their bread anyway?

    ,p>All I know is I can no longer eat it myself.

  • Now this is a sport I can play I am just a kid that wants to play. Let's have fun doing that.
  • That is why I love California. That is one of the reasons I moved here.
  • My schiaphrenia scares me enough that I am acting. The most important thing I do everyday is take meds, and nothing and no one is going to stop me from doing just that, so if you have a problem with that, go pack your bags.
  • African and Jewish American History is my favorite I credit my love of African-American History with my ability to talk about so much diverse topics. I know a lot because I studied this as a child, and it is important to continue.
  • I read . . . I read a lot of Magazines, and I would like to start reading books as well.
  • It is an honest cimestry. I love being different, and I see myself as a member of being hated,and I love them because I love being things that are subversive, and I love people that are thought viewed as subversive.
  • I love Israel, of course. I am Jewish. I am Jewish convert. Why would I not support Israel.
  • It all good music If I had someone to go to a concert with I would
  • I am a convert.. It is what I believe in.
  • I want someone to cuddle with. Give me something to LUV.
  • So, sing to me in Spanish.

    Sing to me in Spanish while we work together to end language discrimination and to make it easier to immigrate to the United States

  • Just want a woman that accepts me as a woman and knows I support the cause even though I am clearly looking to hang and talk. In other words, I'm looking for more than just talk. Some touching and kissing are important. Just being the girl I have always been.Still nothing so serious I'd have to leave my man over. Just friends even though I wouldn't mind a trip together or a travel body.
  • I am a very conservative Democrat. That says it all.
  • I long to experience the romance of the relationship in the Officer and Gentleman.
  • "Beat it. I'm bad." Michael Jackson The Beatles, Selina, Salt and Pepper, Vogue, Usher, and Chris Brown and Whitney Houston. These are some of my favorite artiest right now.
  • Call me Little-bird.

    Please, allow me to honor my roots that show me respect by not judging because I am transgender.

    I want some help in knowing my name in Blackfeet Nation Language which is Little-bird.

    I am shy sometimes, but I love supporting things hate racist say is subversive, and that is why I want to seek out my Native American roots because I love being hated by people that love to hate people, so I want a friend I can trust will not judge me for the fact that I have to take meds for a disease or disorder everyone knows by the name of schizophrenia

    I just need a friend that can become my lover.

  • I read about everything. So, what do you read about?
  • I do not like smokers, so if you like to smoke remember I have COPD.
  • Come see how I live with so many passions.

    I just need someone to believe in me. It is struggle to be me.

    I am open, honest, and true. I need a friend that is willing to love me as a woman.

    "I am every woman. It is all in me." that is the lyrics of the late great Whitney Houston. Well they are true, and I need you now to change my life for the better

  • Write me. I will write you back. I promise you.
  • I do not want I do not want a pet for a boyfriend, but a dog with four legs is a great gift.
  • Can I be your modle Do you need a modle for your work. If so you can use me if your nice.
  • Really want to be wholly.
  • I work on social causes. So that is work isn't it. If not, you should think twice about reaching out to me. Otherwise, I work hard. So understand. It's my passion that counts, and not if I get paid or not.
  • I read a lot of newspapers and magaznes. I also want to start reading books too.
  • I can go without. I do not halved to have any wine if it is a problem for you.
  • Gun n' Roses ! ! ! That is music. I love it.
  • I like romantic/romnatic comedies I just want to go to the movies and hold hands.
  • String theory. Now, that is something I would like to know more about.
  • I want to learn. It would be great to see the see the Great Barrier Reef from under the water.
  • Everyone is crated equeal. What else do I need to say?
  • I love baseball. I love baseball because it fits my lifestyle in that everyone has played it at one time or the other in the form of slow pitch softball or beeper ball, and most people can play it still today. That is why I think it is America's pastime.
  • I am Cat woman. Are you Batman because that cape really turns me on.
  • I can dream of a 6 foot tall man can't I? I want a man to look down on me, but I do not want him to down at me intellectually that is.
  • I am a GIRL, BOYS Even though I am not your run of the mill pretty girl, my feelings still get hurt if you do not treat me like a lady My style is that when I wear my pink paperboy hat because I always wear it backwards with no eyeshadow I never lie or mislead anyone, and because I am a woman, I need to be loved gentle. I like to walk, hold hands and kiss in the moonlight. . .
  • I want to see the world. Can you make it happen?
  • Imagine that . . A world without war. Even in outer space ere no man has gone before.
  • Love Dallas I love Dallas. Still, can dallas love me? Live in San Francisco though. Love my new city don't want to move back where I'm not wanted. Still thankful to have lived there. Don't want to go back though. Ages not wanted.
  • I just want to tell stories and make my point of view known. That's why I love writing. Telling stories and making logical points. That's what I do best.

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